Your journey to trade a funded account, risk free, starts here…

The TrueEdge Challenge is designed to effectively train, test and fund all types of traders, from beginner to advanced. With access to professional prop trading software, live coaching, online education, advanced market data, automated risk management and rules to support your growth – our all-in-one system provides everything you need to become a successful funded trader. 

It’s time to take your trading skills to the next level! Complete the TrueEdge Challenge and become a profitable funded prop trader. Just trade for at least 12 days, hit the minimum trade executions, manage risk, and hit the profit target to get funded.

Put Your Skills To The Test

Pass the TrueEdge Challenge and receive an 80% payout and full reimbursement of Challenge costs once you’re funded. Funder trading will cover 100% of all loses in the live funded account at all challenge levels. 

Access Your Prop Trading Platform

TrueEdge Pro software will be available in the personalized dashboard immediately after registering. The TrueEdge Pro platform is a complete professional prop  trading solution specifically built so traders can stay on top of orders and risk management from anywhere.

Our next-gen platform offers full access to low-latency execution, real-time market data and position management, customizable watchlists, price alerts, SMS alerts, real-time position management, P&L, and account values.

Advanced Market Data

Access to NASDAQ real-time level I, II, total view, deep book, market depth, and volume order imbalances. It’s vital to traders’ success to access and understand how to use high levels of institutional market data and depth. 

Complete The Challenge

Get Funded Today

The True Edge Challenge is meant to ingrain trading strategies and consistent risk management discipline to give the greatest opportunity for confidence and profit when trading our capital. 

Hit your profit target

Unlocking funding can take your trading career to the next level and it starts with hitting your profit target.  Profit more than $5,000 to beat the challenge and show the street that you have what it takes to go next level.

Trade for a minimum of 12 days inside a calendar month (22 trading days)

Consistency is what separates the best from the rest.  Prove you can apply your skills by trading throughout the month on at least 12 different days. Every 22 trading days starts a new “Month” to beat the challenge. 

Hit at least 80 round turn trades and no more than 1000 shares per security.

A round turn is defined as a single completed trade (both a buy and a sell), as opposed to one “side” which is half of the full trade – either the buy or the sell. 

Statistics matter in trading.  Showcase your consistency and make sure your winning track record isn’t a fluke by placing at least 80 round turn trades during the challenge period. Additionally, traders can not trade more than 1000 shares of any given security. All trades must be closed in the same market day. 

Biggest win greater than Biggest Loss

As a trader you are judged by your losers, not by your winners.  Show off your risk management skills and make sure your biggest win is greater than your biggest loss. 

Do not hit or exceed the Daily Max Loss

Risk Management is the most important skill for traders. Show you can manage risk intra-day by never exceeding the daily maximum loss of $500. No more than 3 daily max losses allowed per challenge. 

Do not allow account balance to exceed the Max Drawdown

All traders will have losers but keeping them in check is key because compounding works both ways.  Never allow your account balance to exceed the max drawdown of $3,000 where it becomes far more difficult to recover. 

You'll only be trading stocks listed on the NASDAQ Exchange

The NASDAQ is the most active stock trading marketplace in the US by volume. Traders will only be able to trade stocks listed on the NASDAQ.

Hit your key performance statistics

Trading is about maximizing your odds.  Taking too much risk and swinging for the fences can get you in trouble.  To pass the challenge, a trader’s W/L ratio must equal 1.20 or better and you must maintain an minimum BAT of 40%.